Our Services


Residential and Commercial Glass Services

Our exceptional glass installation services are perfect for a number of residential and commercial needs. 

Our services include the following;

  • Single and double glazed window replacement 
  • Storefront glass replacement 
  • Patio door hardware and repairs
  • Window hardware and repairs 
  • Skylight replacements
  • Canopy replacement 
  • Tempered and laminated glass 
  • Plexiglass and poly-carbonate 
  • Window screens  
  • Weather stripping


Single and Double Glazed Window Replacement

We offer Single or Double Glazing window repair  with cost effective prices. We only use high quality and recommended materials. 

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Storefront Glass Replacement

If you're in need of Storefront glass repair or replacement for windows and doors, our team are highly experienced and have the right resources needed to get the job done. 

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Patio Door Hardware and Repairs

Rather than replacing the entire door system though, most repairs can be made by simply replacing part of the sliding glass door hardware. 

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Window Hardware and Repairs

Got broken Window hardware? With our Window Hardware Repair expertise you can rely on us to help you get it working like new again.

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Skylight Replacements

We carry and install skylight replacements for your home or business to look great and let natural light brighten your days.

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Canopy Replacement

Bring life back to your Gazebo with Top Canopy Cover Replacement

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Tempered and Laminated Glass

Installation and repair for homes and businesses 

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Plexiglass and Polycarbonate

Our specialist finishers repair a whole range of damage to acrylic, including: chips, cracks, dents, splits, stains and discolouration. 

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Window Screens

Windows screen installation and repairs. Screens allow us to let the cool breeze inside our home while keeping the bugs and other pests outside our home. 

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Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping reduces drafts and blocks energy loss through windows and doors.  

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